My Recordings

But if you want to browse first, you can click here to get to the search results page for all three or our albums at our (They don’t have any other artist named Crockett yet, so we’ve got the page to ourselves for now.) And if you really want to be direct you can get to each album by clicking the following links for Moonbone, Unbutton Your Heart, and Emily’s Angel. You can buy our albums there in immense quantity, and you can listen to several cuts from each.

Or click one of these three links to read, and print if you like, the lyrics to the songs on Emily’s Angel, Moonbone or Unbutton Your Heart.

Then again, you can cliquez ici (we have verified that that really is French) to go to our archived Folk ‘n’ Word Festival pages, which include links to some fine poets. If you don’t like poetry, but you do speak French, and, like many of us, you’re concerned about possible eye damage from too closely observing a solar eclipse in Madagascar, cliquez ici to visit a fine informational site maintained by the Syndicat National des Ophtalmologistes de France.

Help with my lettering on my instruments goes to these guys. On the website we went with the letter install guide which was very helpful